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SaveMyFiles Professional 2013

Available for Windows    Available for Mac OS

SaveMyFiles™ Pro 2013 recovers data from bad hard drives, including:

  • Corrupt NTFS, FAT32, HFS+ File System
  • Partition Deletion, Deleted Files or Reformatting
  • Deleted NTFS or FAT Partitions
  • Failed OS Installations
  • Virus Activity
  • RAID Systems
  • Works Locally or Over Network Connection

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(SaveMyFiles software support is available Monday - Friday, 7AM to 4PM Central via phone or email.)

Easy-to-use Savemyfiles Pro 2013 - The Professional's choice in data recovery software

When data is lost, every second counts. Whether you're looking for personal photos, spreadsheets, or critical program files, time is a major factor when pursuing data recovery.

It's important to use data recovery software that's powerful, simple, and capable of solving the root cause of any data loss issue.

SaveMyFiles Professional was co-developed by and other industry leaders for both novice and expert computer users. It offers a powerful and fast way to retrieve lost files in minutes, and it was designed using professional data recovery lab techniques.

Professional power. SaveMyFiles Professional works on a block level, repairing boot sectors, file corruption, partition damage, and other known issues that make hard drives inaccessible. It's powerful enough to handle hundreds of the most common issues that we see in our world class data recovery labs, including hard drives in the first stages of a physical failure.

The power of SaveMyFiles Professional makes it the data recovery program of choice for hundreds of computer repair shops across the world and even several major data recovery labs. If the data on a drive is recoverable and the hard drive is able to operate at a basic level, SaveMyFiles is an ideally powerful and fast way to get your files back in a working condition.

Versatility. Whether you've lost data from a RAID system, a standard hard drive, or a flash drive, SaveMyFiles Professional recovers it using tested data recovery techniques. It supports both NTFS and FAT file systems, making it an ideal data recovery software choice for Windows users. It's also capable of recovering any file type, including encrypted files.

Ease of use. While the advanced features of SaveMyFiles Professional can meet the data recovery needs of computer technicians and engineers, the easy-to-use Wizard mode makes the process simple for even novice computer users.

Recovery Wizard mode leads the user through a step-by-step process which shows a file tree and a list of all recoverable files (including corrupted and deleted data). Sessions can be individually saved, which makes it easy to work on multiple hard drives or to pause a data recovery attempt indefinitely. We also offer online and over-the-phone support to help you get past any issues and help you avoid future data loss.

Safe. When used according to the simple-to-follow instructions, SaveMyFiles Professional is safe and completely nondestructive. It installs onto a separate hard drive where damaged or deleted data is not located, and every technique used by the software protects your data as it is recovered. Data can be recovered to another hard drive, flash drive, or any storage medium with a capacity equivalent to the recovered data.

SaveMyFiles Professional is an ideal choice for home computer users, company IT departments, computer repair shops, and in any case where unexpected data loss occurs. Many professional data recovery programs cost hundreds of dollars, and in-lab data recovery (while necessary in some seriously advanced cases) can cost anywhere from $500-2000.

Inexpensive. At only $149.00, SaveMyFiles Professional is powerful data recovery software that can fit into any budget. It instantly saves hundreds or even thousands of dollars while delivering better results than more expensive options. Try the free demo to see it in action, or buy SaveMyFiles Professional today to begin using one of the fastest, most effective data recovery tools in the world.


only $149.00 ! immediate download -buy now!

Download SaveMyFiles Demo         Buy SaveMyFiles


Recommended Hardware Configuration:

  • Supports recovery of NTFS & FAT file systems in Windows™, HFS+ & FAT on Mac
  • PC - Windows™ 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7
  • Mac - Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor or faster
  • 2GB RAM
  • Separate hard drive with a capacity that exceeds the amount of data to be recovered
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* NOTE: Do not download the software or copy data to the drive that you wish to recover. **If your hard drive is making unusual noises, it is possible that powering on the hard drive could cause further damage and/or cause your data to be unrecoverable. SaveMyFiles is a trademark of, Inc. All sales are final.

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