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Customer Feedback

Recent Feedback Messages has recovered data for thousands of customers, from individual computer users to large companies and governmental agencies. Below are recent feedback submissions by those customers, including feedback we've received from people who had their case completed just days ago. mini testimonial letters Main testimonials page
"Working with Andrew Enders (and Kevin Thole) was a very good experience. They were extremely helpful during the entire process. Andrew was kept us informed about our hard drive through the entire process. We would recommend your company to anyone who had needed a data recovery service."
"Thanks for your help in recovering not only my pictures, but all of our files!"
"the phone service was always prompt and helpful and pleasant. i felt checked in with during the process and there was a full recovery."
"Nice job getting this done so quickly!"
"My client was dead in the water. They had made no back-ups. I had constantly begged them to make back-ups. This was a very good learning experience for those who do not make back-ups. The Data Recovery team made it possible for my client to get there data back and continue business as usual. Thank You Bill Chesnut Quality Computer Service"
"Everyone was very professional and helpful along the process. Willing to work with my schedule."
"Quick and fast solution to our issue. Friendly staff. Need a better intercom system at the front door though."
"So far everything is there that we lost! Thank you!"
"thank you all so much for recovering my data & in a very timely manner, plus keeping me updated thru the process!"
"Very pleased with the data recovered."
"Recovery was mostly successful, I still have a good amount of files that were located on the desktop which are corrupt."
"You all went the extra mile to get my data back. My case administrator, Laura Hunter, was a great representative for your business. I'm sure she has to deal with alot of frantic people concerned with loss of their data, and she does a fine job. Thank you."
"Denise was very responsive and also had great follow up. Your pricing seemed high, but I appreciated the WD discount!"
"We appreciate everything you did for us. We are now functioning on a normal level again."
"Data Recovery's Customer Service and Care is phenomenon, they truly provide high quality assistance and answer your questions straight out! I highly recommend their service! Dr. Victor Vazquez, CHCM, CSI, REM, CPEA, EIT, Puerto Rico"
"Have never had an issue with Data recovery. Good job."
"Great job!!"
"Kept me VERY informed and the customer service rep was incredibly nice. Thank you!"
"I'm satisfied with the work performed. All our data was recovered and delivered back to us in a timely manner. Thank you for your service."
"We were very pleased with the service we received. Our representative checked in with us often and returned emails and phone calls promptly. The process of recovering our data was easy and fast!"
"I'm very pleased with the service and recovery. I was worried you wouldn't be able to recover my photos but everything is perfect! Thank you!"
"No issues and very nice to work with."
"Thrilled to get a full recovery! It wasn't cheap, but the drive was full of priceless family photos."
"The entire process from shipping out my damaged drive to receiving the recovered data was quick and easy. All of my data seems to be there so far with no corrupted files."
"Very satisfied with recovery and especially speed of process! Thank you Datarecovery!!!"
"I am very pleased with the recovery. I got back the important data that I needed. Thank you very much!"
"The agent was courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable."
"The service and turn around time was great. I was kept in the loop of the status of my repair during the entire process. The only thing preventing an Excellent rating is that the accounting system was down for nearly 3 weeks and I was not able to get my official invoice for a few weeks after my repair was complete and my media was returned."
"I only wish there was a better than excellent option. By far the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. From start to finish they have been helpful, honest, and friendly. I felt like my case was top priority from the start. Thank you all so very much. I can't tell you what it means to have priceless images back."
"Thanks for the assistance, we got what we needed and quickly"
"Thanks for the help, enjoyed working with you and got what we needed quickly"
"Datarecovery is definitely in a class all by itself. I thought I had lost years of music that I use on a weekly basis. For me to rebuild the drive would have taken months. Instead, I called Datarecovery and spoke with Andrew and he assured me they would do everything possible to save the data on my hard drive. I have worked with other data recovery specialist in the past and I have never witnessed such Dedication and Professionalism yet with a personal touch as I did with Datarecovery. 'Andrew, Job Well-Done'. Datarecovery truly exemplifies the True Standard of Great Customer Service, Professionalism, an Superb Expertise in the field of Data Recovery and in a very Timely Manner. All the data was totally recovered without any loss at all. I Highly Recommend Datarecovery to anyone needing to recover data on any type hard drive. Thank You Andrew and Datarecovery! 5 STAR SERVICE and QUALITY!"
"A little pricey for what the problem was, but the service more than made up for it. High recommendation."
"The service provided was as described and completed in a professional and timely manner."
"Excellent service. I was very happy that I got all my files back and it was very quick getting back to me. I appreciate all that you did."
"I received the new disk and the two damaged disks. All data seem to have been recovered successfully. Thank you!"
"Your service and professionalism were both outstanding. Laura and the weekend lady (sorry i don't recall her name) were very appropriately personable, professional and efficient and taking care of my needs. My case turned out to be fairly straight forward and I would have no hesitation recommending your services. Excellent job and thank you."
"good service"
"Wonderful experience. My client got all of her data back 100% they were very fast, kept me updated on every step of the way. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Superb!"
"I had little hope of recovering anything after the disc had crashed and refused to communicate, and the tech then decided to reformat the drive since he couldn't retrieve anything! I guess that shows how little I know about discs! Whatever, I was sure I had lost about 5 years of work on four websites and 4 manuscripts, as well as thousands of digitized images and so on. Working with Laura was a pleasure. She knew what your company did and how it worked and was willing to help the client understand what ever the client didn't understand. She was comforting when explaining that the charges were based on the amount of data that was recovered, if any, so that my decision to proceed was an easy one. Some sites have a fee which the client pays, regardless of the success of the services, so this sliding scale appealed very much. I had so little interaction with anyone other than Laura that I don't really have a basis for talking about anyone than her. I sent the disc, ALL of the data as recovered and placed on the external drive I provided forthat purpose and then it was returned to me. Period. The process was invisible and was exactly what it was described as being. I can mention the speed with which the work was done. The drive entered the process about as soon as it arrived, the recovery took place right away and the data was put on the new drive. Apparently the recovery process was so efficient that it even recovered data that I had deleted! So that data was placed on the new disc. Your techs realized what happened and had Laura call to see if I wanted it all that way. I said if the deleted data was basically in its own Recycle Bin as in a MS OS, I'd take it all, but if it was mixed in with the 'new' data, than I didn't' want it. She coveyed my reply to the tech department and the drive returned 3-4 days later with only the 'new' data. It was a smooth, efficient, effective process which Laura did an excellent job of explaining. You would do yourself a favor to clone her."
"very fast and efficient service"
"got it all back! very happy. my wife thanks you! George"
"Everything worked correctly....yay"
" was able to recover all of my lost files and did so very quickly. The customer support was EXCELLENT and very accomodating. I would recommend to anyone I know!"
"I was very pleased with the service from beginning to end! Laura Hunter was absolutely phenomenal! She called after hours to begin the process and saw it all the way through to completion!"
"I was extremely pleased with the overall recovery. Everything that I thought was lost on my laptop hard drive was able to be recovered by your engineers. Kayla Simmons was extremely pleasant to work with and realizing that I had mostly personal files rather than work files was also very willing and helpful in negotiating a final recovery price. Although I do not wish for another major hard drive failure, I would not hesitate in the future to use data recovery again and will recommend them to both my current employer as well as friends. Thank you for a job well done which, without a doubt, exceeded all my expectations."
"Very prompt and courteous service."
"Your service was quick and professional. It was especially convenient for me, to deal with the same reliable Tech, through out the whole process. I could not have been treated any better, even if I was the CEO of Ford Motor Co."
"We have known Mike for many years & trust his knowledge & capabilites with our computer equipment."
"Professional and helpful!"
"had a great experiance with your company hope , I never have to use you again but I will tell other people about your business. thanks bob"
"Data was all recovered, and very quickly! You saved my customer's business. Thank you!"
"turn-around time could be improved and invoice could have been emailed earlier."
"I just want to thank you guys for your effort in saving all my data. It seems 100% of my stuff has been recovered and I could not be happier! I would also like to thank Ben for working out such a wonderful price for me. You guys are really awesome and I'd definitely recommend you to others."
"Thank you....Justin was great. He explained the process & corresponding pricing very clearly. I hope I don't have to use your services again, but if I do, I would certainly comeback Well Done!"
"I have used your services twice so far and both time my experience has been amazing!! Justin McClelland was very knowledgeable and very helpful! Again, thank you for your services and I have already recommended you to all of our 91 offices."
"Just wanted to Thank Justin and crew for working with me on my hard drive issue., and making it affordable for me right now!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!!!!!"
"Thanks to Jade, this has hands down been my best customer experience with ANY company . Could not be more pleased ..."
"Thanks for all your help!"
"Great service and fast turnaround."
"Justin was great to work with!"
"They did a great job of recovering my data from a unreadable hard drive"
"You said you could do it and you did it! True professionals!"
"Friendly, great communication. Costly, but worth it."
"You guys are amazing. Seriously. I really have to tip my hat to you for some fantastic customer service - you went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out, and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you all put into both the case itself and communication with me. It was phenomenal. Thank you so much!"
"I am a Facilities Manager with a utility company. After doing some research into a number of 'Data recovery' companies I selected your company to move forward with my data recovery plans. My reasons for doing this were two-fold. First, you did not ask for a credit card before you determined if my data was salvageable or not. Unlike other companies I had contacted prior to datarecovery. Second, the personnel at datarecovery were very professional when they greeted me as well as when they contact me to update me as to the status of my data. I was not billed until the data was recovered and I took ownership of the data. Everything was 'above board'. I will surely recommend datarecovery to my friends and family members. I will spread the word about my experience. It is a pleasure to work with a honest company."
"I have had very pleasant experience during my interaction with Datarecovery. They were really expert in the recovery area. My hard drive was emitting smoke when connected. I decided to hire them to recover. within few day they were able to recover my data. I highly recommend to the people who are looking to recover their precious data."
"I had no problems with the service. Justin was great to deal with and the recovery of my files was successful. The price was higher than I would have liked."
"excellent service"
"Company was willing to stand by their product and policies when asked."
"It worked perfectly."
"Laura was extremely helpful and supportive!"
"Great Service. It looks like you rebuilt the original HD but it doesnt boot. But all data was placed on a USB Drive. Thanks"
"Thank you When my computer broke down, it was a nightmare. I was lazy enough not to make any back up of my important files, some of which were critical for my small business. My computer-wiz friends tried to retrieve lost data for me claiming their all sorts of expertise but no one succeeded. Then someone suggested's service was professional. They recovered all my files neatly in a very short time. I could have lost some files forever, of which the values are not countable. I recommend to anyone who is experiencing the same nightmare as the one I had, with no hesitation at all."
"Dear DataRecovery, I would like to take this opportunity to provide a big thank you to Laura Hunter, who has shown utmost professionalism and a very positive attitude towards me and my faulty hard drive during the many months we have been assessing the situation. Laura has given constant follow-up and maintained the agreed parameters at all times, and even at moments of despair for me, has kept her cool and helped us all move ahead! I have been lucky to have her as my point of contact, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. My very best regards"
"I don't normally write recommendation letters but in the case of, Inc. I feel I need to make an exception. I was frantic because I thought I had lost all my pictures, music, and data files that were stored on an old external hard drive. I had recently gotten a new computer and had not yet had a chance to copy all my files from my external drive(my backup) to my computer. And of course, what should happen but my external drive died. I quickly called my office IT person and told him what it was doing. 'Not good' was all he said. After examining the drive, he said it was dead and that there might be a slim chance the data could be restored through a third party. He had heard good things about, Inc. and suggested I call them. From the moment I got Justin McClelland on the phone, I felt better. He was calm, confident, and didn?t make me feel like an idiot for not backing up my backup. There was no cost to have them examine the drive and he worked with me to get my data back. Not only did, Inc. restore all my data, the files came to me organized in the same folders and formats as on my original hard drive. I would highly recommend, Inc. for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation. It was such a relief to get everything back."
"If I ever experience HD problems in the future, rest assured I will call"
"Your customer service is phenomenal. Very professional, and in contact at every step."
"I will be recommending your service to everyone I contact."
"Quick, accurate and great service. Thanks!"
"Very happy with service and recovery"
"Very happy with the results of Datarecovery. Recovered all of my files and photos that I thought would be lost forever. I will recommend them to friends and family."
"I'm disappointed with the outcome of the service. I expected a professional job better than any other online recovery programs that I tried. However, the recovery results were mostly same or even less than them, but paid much high. Thank for offering a discount price though."
"I would like to thank the team at for their outstanding customer service and the full recovery of data from my external hard drive. The process was surprisingly swift, from the shipment of the damaged device to receiving the new device with the recovered data. I was extremely pleased with the results. I received multiple helpful communications for updates and service options from staff. The professional and service oriented staff was outstanding, thank you --Brian"
"All data was recovered. I am very happy and thankful for the very good job."
"Excellent communication and service. Thank you."
"I was thrilled that you recovered all the pictures I thought were lost forever. It was like receiving part of my life back. Words will never be enough to express my happiness. Thank you."
"I am quite pleased with the results of your service. However there was an approximately $xx charge for services I do not believe I authorized."
"exceeded my expectations"
"Thank you for a quick recovery!!!"
"Customer was very happy to get all his data back."
"Service was fast and communication was excellent."
"pleasure working with Justin, I am a satisfied customer, thanks!"
"You guys are awesome! From beginning to end, your website, services, communications are first rate. If you ever need a recommendation, I'm your girl."
"All aspects of the process was pleasurable."
"You guys kicked ass. It was expensive, but painless and effective. Would recommend."
"Data 100% recovered in a timely manner. Thanks."
"Data Recovery's customer service is second to none. When evaluating customer service, other companies should look to Data Recovery for a clear-cut way of how to treat a customer. They kept me current on updates and information from my case, and followed through with their service - retrieving my data when literally no one else could. I am extremely thankful for their accommodation and professionalism."
"Always recommend your service and proud to be a reseller."
"very professional highly recommend."
"Everything recovered"
"You did a good job of setting expectations and meeting deadlines."
"All data was recovered and returned in the promised time frame"
"They came out OK. I would recommend your company. Thank You"
"Thank you for the quick & excellent service!"
"Contacting someone who knew about my case was difficult. I had 1 person (female) call and say 'we have the results' without leaving the results on my message machine. Don't understand why I had to return the call to get the recovery results..."
"Jade was always very friendly, and worked with me to do everything possible to ensure that my data was recovered. My files have been recovered and I am VERY pleased! Thank you!"
"Even though I never talked to you. Communication thru Email and phone messages was very good. Very satisfied that 100% of data was recovered. This hard drive had pictures of Mother inlaw that died about 4 years ago the time this hard drive crashed. This made a great Mothers day gift for the wife. Thanks for the great outcome."
"The data recovery staff provided us with top-notch customer service at every turn. From our initial inquiry, to the pick up of our recovered data, it was never a hassle to interact with them. Then the fact that the technicians were able to recover 100% of our corrupted data was almost icing on the customer service cake. I don't want to ever have to go through the data loss crisis ever again, but would bring my business back here in a blink."
"Everything went smoothly for a real headache of a situation (losing data). Thanks for recovering all of it."
"During the data recovery process we asked for a list of file names that were found on our damaged drives. We requested this list because we were not sure if the files we were looking for were in fact on these drives. We were told that such a list could not be provided. This confused us. We were told that the reason a list could not be provided was because Datarecovery could not guarantee a full recovery and that providing such a list would imply this. We were not as concerned about full drive recovery as we were identifying if the files on the disks were in fact the ones we needed. Datarecovery was able to perform a full drive recovery and as we feared, the files recovered are unusable to us. We have paid $[xxx] for old files that we already have copies of and are actually no longer needed. In the future, it would be a nice courtesy to your clients to provide them with a list of files that can be seen on a damaged drive. Unless of course it is actually impossible to see file names. It would be easy enough to include a simple disclaimer stating that there is no guarantee of full disk recovery with a list of files or even a sample list of files on the damaged disk."
"Everything about was first class. They are a 10 out of 10. Excellent customer service. All data were recovered. The work was completed quickly and the hardware was returned exactly when promised (except for a train derailment that delayed UPS). :-) I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends or associates."
"While we were surprised at the cost - when we got the final products we were more than pleased with the fine results. It would have been terrible to have lost all our photos from 50+ years together."
"The service provided was excellent all my data was recovered, my only concern would have been the return shipping arrangements. I would have preferred Courier overnight as I was in dire need of some of the recovered files. Otherwise I would recommend you whenever I can."
"From my initial telephonic contact with your Illinois office to my face-to-face visits at your Tempe, AZ office, I was treated promptly and professionally. I received the services that I needed at a fair price. Megan and Eric (Tempe Office) were fantastic."
"This was our first time using and we were extremely happy with the result. Not only did they recover 100% of the files on our RAID drive, but they did it remarkably fast. From start to finish they were easy to work with, reliable, and gave us exactly what we needed, our recovered files at a reasonable price."
"Great service - very responsive to my questions and concerns. Turn around time for the data recovery was great!"
"Great customer service (Laura is awesome!) and fast evaluation, we got an answer the day they received the drive. Highly recommended! thank you!"
"My new drive works perfectly! Thanks for the good work DataRecovery!"
"I was very satisfied with the recovery, and with Jessica's customer service. Thank You!"
"After a few weeks now of using the recovered data, all in all, everything has met my expectations. Thankfully, there were no issues with the process in recovering my entire iTunes library, which was stored on the two damaged external hard drives, and the restored and recovered versions that were saved to the two provided hard drives were accepted without any issues by iTunes. Many thanks for the excellent service!"
"You did a great job! The service was fast, with great results. Your taking care of the shipping was a great relief of just one more headache for me since we are a bit out of the way."
"Very satisfied with this experience and Rep. Joe was awesome in working with me on same. I'll be sure and recommend your company to any friends and family that may need what you provide. I also mentioned it to our I.T. Tech here at work in the case that we need this service. Thanks very much! Sincerely, Mark"
"Great service at a reasonable price."
"A little long on the wait, but seems to be fully recovered and that is what is important. Very informative as well, constant updates. Great job."
"I am so thankful for your expertise. I know it may sound silly but you saved my life. I have shared with everybody about your services, and will continue to do so. Thank you so very much."
"Worked well and fast."
" went above and beyond to help me get my data back. After my iMac drive burned out and the local repair shops threw up their hands in defeat, was my last hope. From start to finish, I felt like they were really there to help, with free shipping and appraisal of my dead drive. I got a quote and although it took me many months before I could give them the go-ahead to begin repair, they kept my drive on stand-by and followed up with me monthly (at my request) until I was ready to proceed. I can’t begin to list all the irreplaceable content that they retrieved; family photos, digital art, business documents, screenplays, hundreds of hours of game saves, and many gigabytes of irreplaceable music and video. Thanks for saving my digital life! -Roman"
"Dear Ben & team, Thank you again for your very professional help in recovering our vital business data! Your hard work and dedication were once again crucial to our success. You handled everything beautifully. Thank you! :)"
"too expensive considering the amount of work. got back my data but feel overcharged. customer service agent was professional. Not 'used car' type I experienced with other data recovery inquiries. Service was rapid and reliable."
"Kept us efficiently informed and delivered services as advertised."
"Very pleased with the service. It isn't inexpensive but the job got done. Scott's professionalism and everything from dropoff to receipt of drives was smooth and stress free. Thanks, Syed"
"Yet again excellent service in good SLA"
"Joe Keith was very helpful to me throughout the process. Completely knowledgeable and straightforward. Thanks Joe!"
"The person I dealt with had a great attitude, and the price was fair (especially after talking to other places). He did a great job. Couldn't be more pleased."
"Requiring the services of Datarecovery will cause most people to feel like they are entering the Tunnel of Doom. I can testify that my experience with Datarecovery resulted in a very pleasant, satisfying and completely happy ending. I can't recommend the services highly enough. All my contacts were handled politely, promptly and attentively. I couldn't ask for more. AND all those precious photos of my granddaughter were recovered in perfect condition."
"Very pleased but very expensive"
"Great cooperation and information. Recovery went just as it was planned."
"I would recommend data recovery to ANYONE that has an issue w/not able to access data. My dog ate/chewed my flash drive to the point I figured I had lost ALL my pictures on it. Data recovery not only was able to recover all my pictures but did it very professionally, timely and was always a phone call away if I had any questions."
"WOW! Got everything back! Perfect service from Joe Keith!"
"Fast, accurate, professional and affordable. was able to rescue the data off of my external hard drive. The process was simple and fast. Highly recommended."
"I am very happy with your service. Over 99% of my data files are back. The Valuation.xls spreadsheet is a 2008 version. Is the 2012 version around? It may be a wk3 file."
"Laura --the customer service gal who called weekly--was great!"
"I had a hard time finding the building in Tempe where the Phoenix office is located. Maybe better directions on the company web page would help. Everyone was helpful, friendly. Price was high but my data was recovered so I suppose I shouldn't complain about the price. I will maintain backups for my data in the future."
"I'm happy and would recommend you again."
"I was very pleased with the level of service and professionalism. Glad to have done business with Data Recovery!"
"Always a pleasureable experience"
"I was thrilled with the level of service, the quality of service and the speed of service. The Business Relationship Manager who was assigned to my case was the same person from start to finish. She called me from home after normal business hours to follow up with me. My data was fully recovered with 100 % accuracy, all files and folders were restored exactly the same way as they were when my hard drive failed. Datarecovery truly knows the meaning of customer service. It was expensive, but it was worth it !!!"
"First Rate !"
"got everything on drive back. put back data that was supposed to backup on the cloud. but they were having trouble doing a restore. my data was newer than the cloud data. thanks for the help and meek & co will always use you guys. 2 times in 2 months. 100% recovery on both. thanks bob"
"I have had all my data recovered although it was very expensive, but worth the price. Service was prompt. I would recommend to anyone who needs it."
"Jessica Urbonas was very pleasant to deal with and helped me resolve my problem in a timely fashion. She displayed a sensitivity to my situation which I appreciated."
"Extremely professional. Follow up calls and emails to keep us informed of the process. Complete recovery on a new drive was the perfect solution!"
"Total Recovery and Excellent turn around time. Thanks"
"Not only was my data all recovered, but it was done with professional communication and inclusion that was the best I've ever seen."
"Appreciated the ongoing communication concerning the status of the data recovery"
"The Best"
"I was so happy to hear from the data recovery specialist on the updates to my data recovery. Extremely fast and professional services. Thank you!"
"Communication was a bit limited because I only got one response a day but that was not a huge problem. The expectation was clear and the service was great."
"Great and very timely service."
"I was very impressed with the level of service you provided. The specialist that worked on our case were professional and courteous. Thank you so much! We will sing your praises to all that experience similar problems from now on."
"Everything was recovered. Timely emails were sent updating status of work being performed and where is was in the process of recovery."
"Good service. I wish it was less expensive though..."
"Kevin and Laura were fantastic. Both are consummate professionals who have a real concern for the customer. I have bragged about the personal service I received and the great job performed in retrieving my data. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the experience an 11. John"
"Expensive considering according to your people all that had to be done was recreate the FAT table. All data seems to have been recovered and the client was pleased to get her data."
"My sales rep was AWESOME! Thank you so much! I will be back with any other data recovery needs! Thank you!"
"I am grateful to have my data back. I like the Toshiba drive it came back on. I appreciate the hand-holding I needed during the decision process."
"You recovered everything. Thank-you so much! My only 'regret' is that is was expensive to fix."
"All data recovered. Thanks for the great service, Ran"
"When you need the information on a disc that got fragged, these guys can help. With an estimate of 10 days, they finished in two. Hopefully, I won't need to use them again; if I do, I'm positive that they will do another impressive job."
"Most excellent service and full success with recovery. Thank you very much!"
"Doug handled my case perfectly."
"I am very pleased with the customer service and the technical service that Data Recovery provided me. I was expecting to only receive a partial recovery due to disk damage, and they were able to complete a full recovery! They literally helped salvage a piece of my academic career. Thank you very much."
"100% Data Recovered as promised!"
"Every step of the process was timely and professional. I recommend anyone searching for a data recovery service to start here."
" did a great job recovering all my data from a large external drive. They not only recovered all the data but did it in much less time than I had anticipated. Huge thanks to them for retrieving data that would have taken me weeks or months to reconstruct. Scott"
"Great communication. Extremely fast turnaround. Recovered data flawless."
" staff were always pleasant to deal with and well informed. They provided no false promises, only results, a fair price and (thankfully) a full recovery of my data. I enthusiastically recommend to anyone with a data recovery requirements for fast, quality service."
"Customer service was fantastic, responses were fast and accurate. Most importantly, I had a full recovery of my data and sound advice on how to take care of the situation. Thanks!"
"Really quick turn around and gave me a deal on the price."
"I was very pleased with the service and the speed at which you were able to resolve recovery of my disk drive. Thank you and hopefully I will not have to reach out to you again but if another issue comes up or someone else needs help you will definitely get my recommendation. Thank you again."
"took a little longer and cost a little more. Outstanding recovery of data/ all was there and easy to repopulate files / would do again if needed and would recommend you / great service / let me know what was going on by email// loved it. thanks / Tony"
"Thank you very much. Perfect job."
"Thanks a lot! We received the data and I was able to open it! You made me very happy. Best wishes, Nadja"
"The cost of data recovery always seemed outrageous. That is, until you actually need it yourself. Then you realize, its quite a bargain. ESS' personnel were courteous, patient, and extremely professional. They offer 24x7 recovery services, but just by chance the local office had closed down for that Saturday. But no problem, by the time I arrived they had one of their technicians there ready to start the recovery process. He worked through the night and I was able to pick up the 100% recovered data early the next morning. Just remember, always backup your data regularly and never, never offer your laptop a drink of coffee. But if you do forget, there's always ESS."
"Our customer almost cried when I showed her all the data you guys retrieved. That was years of valuable research and website links that she couldn't replace. I think that speaks more than I can describe. Thank you."
"It was very refreshing to receive excellent customer service, the likes of which is rarely seen these days. ESS demonstrated knowledge, courtesy and professionalism throughout and I particularly appreciated the direct communication with Scott who was always pleasant and informative. The evaluation report was also helpful and in my case, re-assuring. The data was successfully recovered and in less time than the earliest date estimated. Thank you so much for making me feel that the recovery of my data was just as important as that of a corporation."
"I have no complaints with your service. I have used your service twice now and its been great. The only comment I have is that the cost of recovery could be lower but that's no fault of your company."
"Not that I am going to put ESS on speed dial, but I am going to keep the local address and number on my phone. ESS did an excellent job on recovering our data and I am sure glad they did. Thanks ESS"
"I am really pleased with the service, and with how well I was informed with how the recovery process was going. I am also thankful for the amount of data that was recovered. I am totally satisfied with with everything from this company."
"Thank you and to the staff from Doug to the Techs, keeping me aprised of progress and cost. Success is working together to achieve."
"Very efficient and professional services. Data recovery met all my expectations."
"Doug provided me with what I can only describe as the best customer experience I have ever had with a company I've never worked with before, period. He is incredibly awesome and a tremendous asset to your company. Give him a raise as soon as possible."
"Joe, our Data Recovery Support Specialist, was the ultimate professional. He kept us informed of every step of the process and was very helpful and supportive. We were so lucky to find this company! Another company had previously failed to recover data from this same drive, and was a lifesaver!"
"My experience was great the staff was very helpful very fast and informative. They walked me throught the procedure and were able to retrieve all of our files."
"You guys are truly 'over the top'. Thank you so much so much!! Sorry i didnt ask at the time of service, as you know business files were 1 priority! Again, thank you may everyone @ESS enjoy family &friends during the holidays!!!"
"Everything was done quite well with the exception that the drive with my recovered data was not easy to navigate. Without a good knowledge of DOS I would never have found the data that I wanted and requested (buried deep in directories that would not display within Windows File Manager). As it was, I still was unable to find one file. Having said all that, I would recommend your service to others."
"Excellent service. My archive drive was fully recovered, I couldn't believe. Would recommend to others for sure. Thanks."
"I was surprised by how often I received updates via email and phone and was extremely happy to be kept informed of my case's progress. I'd recommend the company to anyone."
"Very good and professional service. Saved my life!"
"Thank you for the great service. I think you recovered all of the data from the drive. Tony"
"Your service was professional, fast, and complete. It was a life saver for us!"
"Fast service for the standard option. 100% recovery saved my butt! Fair price and excellent communication. Very professional, would recommend to anyone in a jam. Thank you ESS."
"1st rate professional service. Expensive but worth it to have all my files returned 100% complete. Highly recommended."
"The service was fantastic and I would use ESS again, but hopefully, will never need to. Thanks SOOOO Much"
"Everyone was very professional and helpful. I would use you again if necessary!!"
"I was pleased with how Jessica Urbonas always followed-up with me before and after the services. Doug Foster was very helpful as well in helping me."
"Excellent and speedy service."
"Everything went very well. Don't take this the wrong way but I hope I never need you guys again, however, if I do it is nice to know that you are there. Great service. Thanks"
"I felt the price was a tad steep but the service and person that handled my case was excellent."
"Great customer service and you really came through for me in a time of need!"
"ESS and particularly Scott were fabulous! What more can I say!!"
"ESS Data Recovery was extremely easy to work with. Ben McDonald promptly responded to my emails and phone messages and his customer service was amazing! ESS was reasonable priced and performed the data recovery quicker than expected. I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend ESS."
"Maria was outstanding her follow-up/-through on both the front and back ends."
"I'm really happy with the services, everything was done in a perfect manner as discussed before sending the hard disk and all data was recovered.I'll recommend your services. Many thanks"
"I am very happy with the services that were provided. The communication and customer service was outstanding. I would highly recommend your work to others. Thank you for a great experience and for recovering all of my data!"
"Case went from good outlook to worst recovery outlook to full recovery. Curious as why case seemed to be unrecoverable part way through. Still got all my data! Thanks again."
"Thank you for a full recovery. Great customer service every step of the way!!!"
"I was very happy with the work that was performed. Hopefully I will not need your service again, but would be happy to forward your information to anyone else who experiences the same problems."
"I received the hard drive yesterday-- what a surprise that your technician was able to recover all of the data on the drive! I had been under the impression that ESS Data Recovery would only be able to try to recover the list of targeted folders I had requested. When you told me it was a full recovery, I assumed 100% of the requested list. So this was a really nice surprise-- I'm so glad to have all of my data back! I have gone through it and all looks great so far.Thanks again!"
"Maria was very nice and promptly answered all of my questions. It was pleasant dealing with her."
"Excellent job! I was very please with the quality of work and the timeliness of the recovery. Thanks again for all your hard work! Doug Foster was very professional, prompt, informative, and thorough... simply put, he was/is AMAZING!"
"We have successfully brought the recovered data online and verified access. Thank you for all your help and expertise. Your services have allowed us to return our clients to full operation. You have earned yourself a very happy and loyal customer. Many thanks!"
"Thank you. My experience with your company was seamless and I will recommend you to anyone who runs into the same situation as I did."
"Very efficient but somewhat expensive for a small business. Not sure if this service was available elsewhere and at what price but you came recommended from manufacturer. Thank you for your prompt service."
"The customer is extremely happy with the results. The pictures of her with her son at the hospital when he was born were recovered, as well as many other important pictures. Thank you so much!!"
"Doug Foster is a fantastic tech to deal with and I appreciated his assistance immensely. I am familiar with the concepts at work, even if I don't have a cleanroom of my own, and think highly of how this whole process worked. On the basis of this experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend your company for any hard drive recovery needs. Thank you, Eric"
"Ben McDonald took excellent care in resolving my external hard drive problem with very little down time. I just wish our IT personnel had the expertise that the ESS office had."
"Really appreciated the service. You were fast to respond and perform the work. Outcome was favorable and we were highly satisifed."
"Easy and flexible. Its what I needed."
"The service was beyond excellent. I got an estimate in timely fashion, I received updates on how the hard drive data collection was going, and they send it back to me promptly, everything fully intact and all the important files restored. Couldn't be more happier."
"As always, we at Just Pools can count on you to save our behinds when our computers crash. Thanks for an awesome job!!!!!"
"We were extremely pleased with the attention to detail, customer service, alternatives and quick turn-around that we received from your company. Not only was your service “above & beyond” the professionalism of the staff spoke volumes. Obviously when faced with an external hard-drive no longer working with all of your valuable data on it, panic mode starts to take flight and kick in. The knowledge of your procedures and company immediately put us at ease. The follow-thru on delivering what your company said it would quickly and efficiently was appreciated. You were able to recover 100% of what was “lost” and sent it back quickly. We couldn’t be more happy with your company or the service you provided Thank you!!"
"Just wanted to give you a great big thank you for recovering our priceless pictures and video clips. Fantastic job and speedy service!"
"Every Photo file on my hard drive that had failed was recovered. Because we burn daily disc of every job we could have recreated the files that were lost, but the cost of labor involved to do that would have be five or six times the cost paid to you to recover the files. Thanks, many times over!"
"You came thru and recovered my data. Cost was a killer. Thanks"
"Your service was excellent, timely, professional, and, equally important, personal. Thank you Joe Keith"
"I just wanted to let you know we received the recovery drive and restored all of our CFO's data. I also wanted to say thanks to you for providing excellent customer service and feedback throughout the process.Thank you"
"Outstanding. Everything I expected."
"You guys are great, this is the first customer I've had that took exception with your pricing. I assured them your pricing was well below the competition's"
"It was excellent in terms of restoring my data and the turnaround. It is a very expensive process however. That was the downside of it."
"Very Pleased with the work ESS Data Recovery did to save my data. They communicate often and clearly during the process and the were able to fully recover all of my data from a failed Seagate Barracuda hard drive. These folks are for real!!!"
"I have reviewed and verified several directories and files contained on the drive with great success. Thank you for your efforts to recover the data."
"Good work, thank you."
"Doug Foster was outstanding in the up most professional manor. I'm very please in the service I recieved and the speedy return time. My case was a personal drive not buisness. He handled it as if it were his own. Thanks a million Doug."
"The service was great, but it took a little longer than expected. Everyone I talked to was very helpful."
"Prompt and courteous. FYI - hard disk wipe quote of $200 is more than 3X geek squad at $60"
"Thank you for everything you did for us. Although some files were not able to be recovered. The information you were able to recovered was remarkable."
"The technical aspect of the recovery was OUTSTANDING. All the files were recovered and it was VERY quick. The cost, however, was not and we find it hard to believe that recovering these files was $? worth of effort."
"If it wasn't for ESS Data Recovery expertise, I would of lost 3 years of valuable data from my external hard drive that mechanically failed. I was handed a brand new hard drive with 100% recovery of my data all in the same folders for ease of use back into my workflow. And along with the prompt, courteous, professional service, they made me a very thrilled customer. Excellent company, excellent service. Don't hesitate to call them. Debbie, professional photographer."
"Service was quick and exactly what I needed. Joe responded quickly to any questions I had, as well. I am completely satisfied. I would use your services again if I lost data (although I have learned a lesson and will be more vigilant about backing up)."
"Your case worker did an excellent job in recovering all the data."
"Fantastic job, AGAIN!"
"I felt my case was in good hands . . . I appreciate the progress updates I'd get from time to time. Most importantly, I am glad you were able to recover my data. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but the price did seem extravagant, though it seems like every data recovery company is in the same ballpark (I 'shopped around' a little), so I guess that's just the way it is. I do like that you have fixed price quotes. If I ever need data recovery services again, I'd be happy to come back to ESS and would recommend you to friends with such a need. However, after this experience, I will be more diligent about performing backups (the last time I had backed up was over a year ago, and I sure paid the price), so that should negate the need to need data recovery."
"While we could all complain about the cost of data recovery, I certainly will never complain about the service I received! I have already recommended ESS to someone whose system crashed!"
"Received drive, All data appears to be good. Thanks for the terrific service. What I think I liked about your service is that you track every move and I can log onto the website and see where I'm at in the recovery process. If I have a problem again I will definitely use your services again.. But.... Let's hope I never have to. ;)"
"Thrilled with the turn out! You got my hard drive back to me with all the photos! Overjoyed! Another company we sent it to first told us it was too damaged. They wanted to destroy but I said no - so glad I did because I sent it to you and WOW!"
"Everything woked great. Thanks Ron"
"The service and the quality of work provided by the company has been exemplary. I was able to retrieve the precious data that might otherwise been lost due to an inferior product that was recommended and sold by a major computer manufacturer. Thanks for a job well done!!"
"Efficiently processed in a timely manner and the restored data was made easily accessible by our remote client."
"I would just like to say that your company is an absolute pleasure to work with. I will be referring you on every opportunity I get to others in my industry that need these services. Additionally, I will be sending a hard drive today for another consult. Thanks for being awesome!"
"Even though the recovery took longer than I had expected, it was at least as complete as I could have hoped. I will have no problem recommending you to others in the future."
"My customer is extremely happy. That makes me happy. Great communication every step of the way. Excellent turnaround time. Thank you."
"The price was a bit high, but the results were fine."
"I appreciate being able to be in touch with the engineer(s) that are actually working on the case. Most business shield them by secretaries or someone else and I'm glad that you don't!"
"Amazing performance of top drawer quality. All 400+ GB of data recovered from a severely trashed RAID 5 system. Thanks you so much for your service!"
"Thank you so much for all your help. You were excellent to work with in recovering my data and compassionate about my problems with my hard drive. I appreciate the quality of care you took with my drive and its data. The great service I received is worth spreading the word!"
"Very satisfied! ESS Data Recovery was able to recover 100% of my data. However, there was some confusion about the initial price quotes."
"I wouldn't trust anyone but ESS. When my heart was broken over possible loss, you saved 100% of my data and saved me. Yes, it's expensive, but it's SO worth it. Thank you isn't good enough."
"I received the drive today and everything I was looking for is on here. Thanks again!!!"
"I got the irreplaceable data I needed off the drive. Thanks!"
"Very quick response and full recovery! Nice to work with! Thanks! :)"
"Another success story. I am very pleased with the job ESS did, great communication, fantastic customer service. Definite professionals."
"Everything was excellent from mailing in the drive, to the initial evaluation and consultation, to the timetable and effectiveness of the data recovery, to the return of the recovered files. I did look askance at the rates but was pleased to see an adjustment made when the percent of files recovered was less that expected in the estimate."
"I appreciate your service. You were able to recover personal, very important data for me that 3 places prior to you weren't able to. I have told everyone about you, you were the only ones able to do this."
"Thank you for the swift procedure to recover my lost data. I was kept informed at all times as to what was happening in each part of the process. Since receiving the old and new disks back from you, I have transferred the data in question to back up disks and to a new installed drive."
"Thank you so much. I thought thousands of my family photos were lost forever, but you recovered all of them plus years worth of my files for my work. I couldn't have done it without you."
"Thank you guys for finding, for me what I thought was surely lost and never to be recovered again. I thank you guys for keeping me up on every step of the process and for this follow up, which gives me the chance to say you guys did an excellent job. Thank you guys once again and I will recommend your services to everyone."
"I received my recovery media and was able to retrieve all the information that was on the original failed disk. I had backup tapes but they were a week out of sync. This service really saved a lot time."
"I really appreciate your company concerns about my lost data and the fast responses in recovering all of my files and documents, not to mention Maria Vargasovia. She was such a sweet heart and very professional in handling my situation. I'm just so glad that I found your company on line. Thank you for a job well done."
"We had a very difficult case. Your staff worked with our manufacturer to get the best results possible. Although it took longer than usual, I must commend you all for your dedication to our data recovery. Thank You!"
"We appreciated the follow up calls over the weekend. The process was also very smooth and full recovery was relieving. You provide a great service. Thank you."
"Very pleased with the job you performed. I was so glad to get my data retrieved. Thank you so much and the communication and service I received was great. Highly recommend ESS Data Recovery."
"Totally satisfied with the service...Very fast, and I was kept informed on all aspects of the proceedure.....Thank you...."
"Fabulous customer care from very professional people. And the outcome was successful."
"I was very pleased....Thanks"
"Thank you very much ! Great appreciation to ESS Data Recovery Team kind help and efficient work ! Particular Joe Keith and Michael Katich ! Thanks again !"
"Done on time, all data recovered, very fair pricing."
"Quality and quantity of data recovered was fine. The length of time for the service compared to original estimates was very far off. In other words; you got our hopes up but as the weeks dragged on we basically gave up that we would get anything back at all."
"the contact person was great, she really helped me out to undestand the process, and also serve as the face of your company to me. Then when the enginerer called he was able to keep his interaction short and sweet with me which I imagine makes for a very efficient way of working with customers. A persons datta is very personal and sensitive--and this way of working by you reflected the importance of protecting my data and making me feel comfortable--thanks for that"
"I have nothing but respect for ESS- from the first contact on the phone on a Sunday afternoon to the receipt of my data- EVERYTHING from ESS has exceeded my expectations."
"Our customer was thrilled with the entire process."
"I understand that this was a difficult case, and I very much appreciate your efforts to resolve it and your persistence. Thank You"
"The service was everything I wanted. Price is a little high....but you have to think of the memories they were able to preserve!"
"You have turned a disaster into a very positive experience. Thank you."
"Too expensive. Do you work in tandem with Microsoft regarding price fixing?"
"Everyone I spoke with was courteous and professional. The turn around time was excellent -- much faster than I expected. The only negative was the cost. It was far more expensive than I would have hoped."
"Data recovery was great - good job! My only comment for improvement is, the return media (120GB external harddrive) came preloaded with your StorGrid online data backup. I have tried to utilize the free 30-day trial twice and each time the program runs well for several days - it successfully completes my scheduled backups - then it STOPS functioning and I can't restart the service. If I uninstall and reinstall the software I can start from scratch again but my original backups seem to be gone. Not very impressed with StorGrid"
"I received an external hard drive with most everything that I thought was gone forever. Your service is excellent, fast and very professional. I will certainly keep your company in mind, and pass it along to anyone that may need your service."
"I was so devastated when our external hard drive quit working. The hard drive had all our digital pictures for the last 3+ years including my youngest son's baby pictures. ESS was able to recover all the pictures plus everything else from the hard drive. Thank you so much for the job you did!"
"I manage the image library of a furniture manufacturer with several years' worth of product photoshoots (imagine hundreds of models we have). The hard drive containing the archive failed and ESS Data Recovery was recommended to me. From response to recovery, delivery to following up - everything was taken care of with the least amount of time and by professional representatives following up. 100% recovery of 500+GB and my hats off to the team!"
"I especially liked the email updates, and your customer service rep that I spoke with on the phone was the reason I selected your firm."
"Your professionalism is outstanding."
"You guys took a while but came thru in the end. Thank you very much."
"Excellent. Only issue i have is the price. Seems a bit steep but i understand."
"I've used ESS over several years, and every experience has been great. The service is fast and reliable, and there's always someone to provide answers, and they've had a 100% success recovery rate for me. As an IT analyst, I constantly tell my clients to back up to a network resource. When they don't listen, and the lost data is mission critical, ESS has been our hero!"
"Thank you for the recovery. All seems fine. Regards, Cathy"
"AWESOME!!!! 100% recovery"
"I found your services to be excellent because of the free shipping and my ability to reach customer support on the phone very quickly. A full recovery of the data didn't hurt either."
"On a scale of 1-10 Ben is a 12. We even took his picture to put on the office wall. Ten years of my life was on that drive and I called Ben Saturday morning and he had a full recovery in my hands that night at 11pm. We worship BEN."
"This is a great service. I've used their service at two different companies I've worked for. 100% recovery rate everytime!"
"I loved how available and exact everyone was that helped me!"
"Great service and full recovery of my drive! Thank you for the dedication over the extended time frame. I would recomend your services to all of my associates."
"The response from ESS to our crisis was immediate and impressive. After suffering a 're-initialization' of our SAN, containing all of the servers for our virtual network environment, our outlook was bleak. Ben and Eric performed brilliantly. Communication was clear, and they worked extremely well under high pressure. They were able to recover not just all of our data, but the virtual machines themselves! To say that we are impressed by your team would be a gross understatement. ESS may not seem the cheapest option, but they certainly are the best - worth every penny! Thank you, thank you, a million times over...THANK YOU."
"I really felt important and I'm impressed by your services. Thanks again for saving my files."
"great job getting all the data back! you get all our business from now on."
"No problem. Was able to restore the user's files. Thanks."
"Thank you for fixing my drive quickly. I received 100% data recovery. This sure is a pricey lesson to me. I am moving onto online backup solution. Thanks again!"
"Excellent service and very professional. Everyone in the process was friendly and helpful."
"I was very pleased. You got a 100% recovery in a very short time. It doesn't get any better than that."
"Great! I like how honest and knowledgeable your engineer was. I was happy you fix my hardrive after I noticed problems from the one you sent to me. You made it easy and painless. Thank you!"
"Worth every penny! Service was quick and the communication of my status changes was very timely. Thank you!"
"An expensive lesson for me, but everything went smoothly. My only complaint is that on several occasions, my call was answered by an automated system that indicated that my call was 'first in line' and would be answered soon, only to be told (10 or 15 minutes later) that 'we are experiencing heavy traffic and will call you later'. When I did reach a person, they were always very informative and helpful, and I appreciated their services. Thanks. I would recommend your services anytime!!"
"I was very impressed with every level of customer service. You made a difficult situation very pleasant. Thank you for your oustanding service."
"Your service was very effective. Most of my data was recovered from a physically damaged disk. Your price was lower than competitive quotes, which won you the business. Your on-line case updates were very informative and your customer service agent, Latha, was friendly and courteous. She kept me informed and gave me weekly calls to update me on the status. This was unexpectedly good customer service. My wife had tears in her eyes when I presented her with her recovered family photos. I would recommend your service to friends and colleagues."
"I think your company and your guys are fabulous! I was so worried and now I have everything back, spent a couple hours just opening up the art files and rejoicing...anyway, am in the process of updating the EHD sent to me with any new files and then copying to another EHD in my craft room. Then I'll be contacting you for on line backup in your new department. If I had pictures of you I'd be doing a layout and uploading it to a digi scrap gallery...thanks again, you and your company rock!"
"Quick turn around - reasonable level of expectations set from the start, but a full 100% recovery! Great Job - Highly Recommended to my business and personal associates."
"Outstanding response and delivery. Great communication, keeping me informed along the way. Considering the condition of the hard drive, I was amazed you were able to retrieve our files. Your service is not cheap, but I got more than my money's worth. Feel free to publish my response."
"Thank you very much for your prompt service. My client was very please to have all her data recovered."
"good recovery, kept informed, reasonable pice"
"Neither our in-house IT staff nor our local outside professionals were able to do anyting with my external HD, so I was skeptical when I was told ESS was at 100% recovery. All I can say is Thank You."
"I liked the result--saving all my music and photo files. But I had expected a progress report sooner than the (nearly) 2 weeks and several emails it took to get one. I was not happy about that."
"I had trouble finding my photos and I was told twice someone would call me back, but they never did. I did find Most of them finally. Generally I was pleased with your service tho."
"Data recovery services was good. Turn around was within the time frame quoted but I would have expected it sooner. The original media I select was out out stock so I had to settle for a smaller hard drive."
"Great service. Job well done. I will definitely use you guys again if I have to."
"You guys are great. You delivered as promised each step of the way. We got 100% of our data back."
"It did take a little extra time but I was not in a rush. I'm very satified. Thank You very much."
"I would definitely use your services again. I felt like your organization was very professional."
"Other than a delay with the time it took for recovery of our dead drive, all is well. We're glad all the family pictures were saved since those memories are precious. Thanks"
"While it is a little expensive for the personal versus corporate user, you guys did an outstanding job. I like the web interface that was updated almost daily with what was going on. My only complaint, if you will, is the person who answers the phone. The accent makes it difficult to understand at times. I would HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone."
"Excellent service and recovery of my data. Professional and courteous all the way around. THANKS!!"
"Expensive lesson to back up files but ESS saved EVERYTHING! Well worth the price...ESS earned every penny....."
"Great service and all data was recovered."
"Communication was great and the price was reasonable. ESS saved my son's school and personal work that he's been gathering for years. I can't stress enough.. back-up, back-up, back-up your files! But if you need recovery services I recommend ESS Data Recovery."
"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent service! Recovered ALL of my data quickly. Knowledgeable and caring staff. Worth every penny. Excellent communication within the company among employees, and excellent status updates for clients. Highly recommended. -Oren"
"Although expensive, I am very pleased with your quickness and with your diligence in recovering my data. Thank you."
"I am very impressed with your company. All data was recovered from a drive that fell off the table and would not spin up. I understand that the tech repaired a circuit board and replaced the heads. All this was done in four days with constant email updates of the progress. The cost was just $820 including shipping and using a backup drive I provided. A+++++"
"I really appreiate how quickly the turn around was for my hard drive. When I couldn't find some of the data on the replacement hard drive I panicked, but your staff assured me it was there, double checked the back-ups they made, and told me where to find it. PHEW! Thanks so much! It was expensive, but you managed to recover EVERYTHING that was on my computer. Thanks"
"Awesome service, great communication! They saved thousands of memories for me! I'd use them again in a minutes, they were worth every penny!"
"I thought the service was very good. Would definitely recommend ESS Data Recovery."
"Thanks, you recovered everything for which I am very grateful."
"All went smoothly and ended up with great results. You certainly saved me a lot of headache by recovering my lost data. Thank you very much for your professional service."
"Before selecting a data recovery service, I contacted ESS, CBL and Drive Savers. I chose ESS because they were straightforward with the cost and did not give me any smooth doubletalking salesmanship. While I don't wish to find myself in need of a data recovery service again, I would not hesitate to use ESS in the future."
"I was thoroughly pleased with the service your company provided me. Not only were you able to recover all of my photos but I appreciated simplicity of the process - from the free shipping with UPS to the weekly status update phone calls. You were highly recommended to me, and you still exceeded my expectations. Thanks!"
"Great job! All my data was on the external drive just as it was on the defective drive. We will definitely use your service again -if needed. Thanks!"
"i was informed every step of the way. The only issue was I did not get the 1TB external because it was not available at the time. I would rather have the 1TB instead of the 750G external."
"I am happy to have my data back, and I thank you for the service."
"The service great, the turn around time was faster than expected and they recovered everything. I was especially pleased with the photos they saved as the quality was excellent. I hope I don't have to use this company again but if I do, they would be my first choice for this type of work."
"Your customer service is exemplary! From case opening to delivery of my recovered data, I was always kept informed of status and everyone involved was great."
"i received a full data recovery. support was excellent providing updates on progress along the way via voicemail and web. the turn around time was relatively short as well. i would highly recommend your recovery services."
"Thank You!!! ESS recovered 100% of my files and pics and video! I am telling (and emailing) my story to everyone I know! I still can't believe I have it all! And, copying it to my new computer was so easy! Now, I will be using your Online Data Backup Service for as long as I own a computer! Y'all made my day (and year)! Thank you, again, so very much!"
"This was my first HD data recovery experience. The outcome was better than I expected especially after another company reported they could not do the work. Your service was friendly and efficient. I appreciated the status emails letting me know how my case was progressing. I didn't have to send a single 'Nag 'o Gram'. I will gladly recommend ESS to friends and family. By the way, I did receive the new data drive and my new HD paperweight in good condition and I am back in good graces with the family..."
"I am very pleased with the overall service that I received from ESS. It was less expensive than the others I inquired and faster turn-around. I would recommend your company to others."
"I was absolutely amazed! There was 100% recovery, the service was great, courteous, prompt and friendly. I hope I never have to use you again, but I would unhesitantly recommend you to a friend who needed such a service. Thank you most sincerely."
"I was very pleased with the work done. Only a few of my photos were unretrieved. I will recommend you to anyone. Thank you. I thought my photos were lost forever..."
"I was very satisfied with the exceptionally customer service I received. I'll definitely refer my colleagues to ESS."
"Thank you so much for recovering my data! I do appreciate the professionalism of your company. Thanks again for restoring what might have been totally lost."
"Fast and professional support. Thanks for all your help."
"Great job and not as expensive as other data recovery enterprises. Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated."
"Excellant service. Abit on the 'pricey' side but they do an excellant job within a short time. would recommend to others"
"Excellent across the board. Follow-up/customer care a pleasure - first time I've done business with anyone for a long time that all follow-ups were by real people or real people were available if needed behind an email. The recovery itself was 100% and loaded in minutes and I have a small backup hard drive available now too. However I've learned my lesson and will keep regular disk backups going forward. Your firm seems to be well managed and you know your business. Thank You"
"I just wanted to say thank you for restoring over 200 hours of work. When that drive died I thought I'd lost it all. You recovered 100% of my data and my sanity. Thank you for all your help. And for the rapid way in which you informed me of the status of my drive. Your service is terrific and so are the people that kept me up to date of your progress. Thank you so much."
"We got the data we neded. Thank you very much. I understand you need funds for capital investment and profit and to pay the staff. I just wish it was a little cheaper as times have become real hard here. Oh well."
"Thanks for the excellent retrieval of my data. It seems to be all intact with no corruption. I also liked your prompt updating of the progress of my case. I would recommend your services to anyone I knew with a similar problem."
"I can't believe all my data was recovered. I'm still in shock. I want to thank ESS for the great job including keeping me updated on my status with a weekly progress report. I will be recommending your company to other professionals in the Washington DC area. The only name individuals seem to know is the Best Buy GEEK Squad, which I'm trying desperately to rectify. ESS will be the word of the day. Again, thanks so much."
"We got the recovery back in great condition and were very happy with the service. We would highly recommend your service to anyone that has hard drive problems. Thank you"
"Great job guys, 100% recovery"
"I am very happy with your work. Communications were excellent. I would recommend your services to others. The only downside was the price. But the money will help the American economy I hope. Thanks again. David D."
"Full Recovery! Thank You"
"I got back 100% of my data.. as promised and when promised.. what more needs to be said.. great."
"All data seems to have been recovered."
"Great service, couldn't have asked for better."
"Excellent service, You guys have easy to follow steps from begining to end. I am happy with the results. You restored 100% of my data."
"Very courteous and efficient customer service. Achieved 100 percent recovery of data and returned to me on the storage device I provided much faster than I imagined possible. Will not hesitate to recommend ESS to others in need of recovery services. A job very well done for a reasonable price!"
"I am very happy with your service."
"Your company recovered all of my information and returned it on a useable portable drive. I was kept up to date regularly on the progress and appreciated all of the hard work."
"I appreciate the service and would recommend this company to others. Thanks, Jeff"
"Thank you for your quick and efficient service. I will highly recommend you to my friends and enemies that have bad hard drives."
"Thank you for the excellent and timely service"
"Everything went very smooth. Thanks for your help."
"Sincerely appreciate your excellent work! Thank you so much!"
"Thank you so much. Loved the service!"
"First of all Thank You ! Everything was successfully restored by your team. I have exalted your greatness to friends and family!!"
"Excellent recovery of data. It took a bit longer than expected from initial evaluation, but you guys came through and got us everything! Thank you!"
"Very pleased with your service. You kept me (the customer) in the loop. You were not the first recovery group I called, you treated me like you wanted my business not like you were doing me a favor, and you recovered my data! 4 Stars!"
"Your company did a great job! Thanks so much for your excellent work."
"We are not a major corporation, gov agency, or even an important client office.... but we were treated as though we were. Thank You!!"
"ESS Data Recovery was a lifesaver. Thank you so much for my 100% recovery and for the fast and friendly service. I will definitely recommend your services to others when the appropriate opportunity arises. Thanks again!"
"All Data has been received. Thanks"
"Great recovery! All my files are back. Thank you so much. It's a little pricey for my budget, but I can't put a value on the photos I would have lost, so overall, it was worth it. Thanks."
"Thanks! I received the new drive WITH my data yesterday. You guys did a great job, keeping me in the loop and getting my item back to me in a timely manner."
"I am thrilled that ESS was able to get 100% data recovery on my failed drive. Thanks very much for the excellent results."
"Pleased with the service."
"You folks did a great job to recover the data that I had on a faulty drive. Timing was good and cost was reasonable. Thanks for being there for people who do not possess the skills to do what you do."
"Thank you very much for the Extremely promt replies to inquiries, and for the constant status updates! Everything we needed was done just as promised, and we are very glad to have done business with ESS!"
"My wife and I are extremely pleased with the professional and prompt service provided on this data recovery effort. We will certainly recommend ESS Data Recovery to anyone we know who is in need of data recovery."
"Very responsive to our questions. ESS did an excellent job notifying us of the status of our case. Very pleased with the service."
"Excellent service from beginning to end."
"I didn't expect Data recovery to be so expensive but either way I am grateful that you were able to recover 100% of my critical data. All data seems to be in perfect condition. It was definitely worth it. There were no hidden charges or gimmicks. Communication during the recovery process was also a key part of my pleasant experience. ESS kept me informed of the status of my recovery up until it was shipped. Thanks"
"Amazing recovery at a reasonable price. Customer service is superb. Highly recommended."
"I believe all data was recovered. Thanks."
"Your service was outstanding! It is unfortunate that I had to use your service, because of the cost, but I am glad that it was available."
"Thank you so much for recovering my saved my business and i am forever grateful!! It was more money than i could afford, but hey, it was worth it. So thanks again!"
"We were very happy with the quality of the service - all through the process from diagnosing the problem, explaining the recovery process to delivering and confirming the results. Highly recommended!"
"I am very pleased with your service. There have been a few instances where the directory structure was not exactly as I remembered but there has not been any information that I couldn't eventually find. Thank you for your help!"
"Thank you for the excellent job you guys did on recovering our family pictures and other data from a harddrive that went bad. You are a life saver. I will definately recommend you to to everyone I know. Thank you again, LD - Michigan"
"Thank you very much. I appreciate the work that was done on my drive."
"Very good service happy with the end result. Did take a long time to finally get the data. There was a problem with the first passport data. That situation was resolved with new one sent with good data. Very professionaly handled always had good communication with the process even with the problem."
"I just want to express my gratitude for your services, you guy give me back the breath and life, now I know why you charge the four digit's bill, guau! I was panic! thank you very much, you're top of the line service."
"You helped me get all my data back. Thank you. Great job"
"It was very easy to work with ESS. Very professional people, and we're very satisfied with the results."
"I am very impressed with your service. For individual users, unlike corporate clients, your free evaluation regarding the chances of recovery is extremely useful to get an idea about value and pricing. Your turnaround time was extremely short with results within 3-4days while I was mentally prepared for a 3week wait! Overall, my experience with ESS data recovery is extremely positive. While I wish every one out there never have to need data recovery, if any one does face an unfortunate situation like that, I have no hesitation to recommend ESS Data Recovery as their first and last choice for a successful, safe and complete data recovery at a reasonable price. Often people do not realize how unique and sophisticated and technically demanding a task it is to recover lost data and in life some things can not be priced!"
"Thank you for all your help in getting my data back. Everyone was very nice and helpful."
"Thanks for helping us out with a tough customer. I appreciate being able to depend on you guys to back us up and go the extra mile. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial business relationship with you."
"Thank you, one and all. I can not tell you what it means to me to have my data back. Your courtesy and concern have been greatly appreciated in a very tough time. Thank you for the help and I will whole heartedly recommend your services whenever I get a chance."
"Thank you very much. 100% of my data was recovered and dealing with the technicians either by email or phone was very easy and pleasant. All the reps that I worked with were professional and knowledgeable. Congratulations on having excellent service. I would highly recommend your services."
"I greatly appreciated the regular updates via email. I always knew where we were in the process of recovery. That was important to me. Your service was tres expensive; but my data was restored and your customer service was spot-on professional."
"Got it back today. All the data seems to be there. Thanks so much, it is a life saver."
"Even though there was no information forthcoming from my damaged drive, the professional manner in which it was handled was impressive. Hopefully it will not happen again, but if it does I will call on ESS."
"You guys did a fantastic job saving all of the pictures of my daughter! Thank you very much!"
"Great Service...Great Communication...A++"
"Excellent work."
"ESS was very easy to work with. I have no complaints about the service I received."
"Simply. Thank you. A many hundreds of hard drives have been handled by me; but lo-and-behold, I had to damage my own. Due to lack of proper back-up procedures in place, I was fearful that certain important recent files were lost forever. Thankfully, 100% recovery was achieved. I cannot express enough gratitude. Excellent customer service. Great pricing (as stands in the data recovery field). Acceptable turn-around. Kindest regards."
"The service was timely and of good quality. I have no problem with recommending this company to anyone who needs data recovery."
"As I expected, you did an absolutely outstanding job -- comprehensive and quick. I shall continue to recommend your services to my clients, anyone in need and fellow IT professionals."
"I was ecstatic to know that you were able to retrieve all my data from the drive especially with how damaged it was. Thank you so very, very much!!! You guys are the bomb!!!!"
"I am very pleased with the service I received from ESS Data Recovery. You kept me updated during the recovery process and were able to make a full recovery of my lost data. Thanks again for the excellent service."
"You have a wonderful and very professional team. Kind, Understanding and reassurring. I would recommend you highly and plan on using you as my offsite backup team as soon as my current subscription is up."
"I am very happy and satisfied with the handling of my case. ESS team was able to recover all the data on my faulty drive and their price was very reasonable. When one is faced with the prospect of losing important data, one is at the mercy of data recovery services. It is reassuring to know that trusted data recovery services like ESS exist out there."
"You did wonderful work and everyone I interacted with was very kind and professional."
"100% of my data was recovered. Based on the quotes I was given from other companies, ESS had the lowest rates. Thank you."
"You recovered 100% of my data at the quoted price at a reasonable standard return time. You're available all the time for consultation, what more could anyone ask for. Thank you for your prompt service."
"Everyone was very helpful. We were very satisfied with the service. We would not hesitate to use you in the future."
"Absolutely amazing that all of the data was completely recovered. after figuring the cost of re-creating the data that was on the drive, I saved at least 60K dollars."
"You said 100% recovery, and as far as I can tell that's what it is. Thanks."
"Received excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and professional staff."
"Very professional!"
"Thank you so much! The latest WD drive you sent is perfect and as if we never lost our data! The amazing ESS Data Recovery team has recovered years worth of memories - priceless family photos, important documents, and information that we were absolutely devastated to lose. What an amazing job - Kudos to ESS Data Recovery!"
"Nothing to complain, quick service, quick and safe shipments. Very good."
"Communication during the process was OUTSTANDING. Your team is friendly and easy to work with. Other than the fact that I had to recover my data it was a very pleasant experience. I wish all 'suppliers' were as accommodating!!!"
"Got everything back. Very pleased."
"Very professional service. Quick and reliable. Thank you."
"ESS did a great job on this case. Our technicians were surprised that ESS was able to recover ANY data at all. A complete data recovery was a great result for us."
"Very persistent and very good communication on your part. Thanks so much for your help and my client is very grateful."
"Couldn't be happier. 80%+ of valuable pictures and data recovered. Professional and curtious service.. prompt responses to questions and delivery as advertised. Thanks for a great experience."
"The service, as above was excellent. One possible change would be to be able to chose the file system target. In a Linux/Unix environment we have permissions and ownership that is different from an ntfs environment. So, possible choices could be: Windows - NTFS, Linux - ext2, Unix - UFS, Macintosh - not sure what the main FS is, but I think they can read all of the above."
"ESS Data Recovery saved the day for us. Without your patience to find the correct parts to repair our hard drive we would have lost valuable data which would have crippled our business for many months. Our billing and customer data would have been lost and it would have taken thousands of dollars to recompile it. I tell everyone if your hard drive fails send it to someone who knows what they are doing send it to ESS Data Recovery."
"ESS was great. They got back all my data. It wasn't free, but it was well worth the cost to have all my photos back. Now, I'll be double-checking my backup setup in the future to make sure it's actually doing what I think it's doing. Thanks so much, ESS, for very swiftly delivering exactly what you promised."
"Very speedy and everything was recovered."
"I was very lucky I guess, that you were able to recover as much as you did. I am very grateful. I was treated with the upmost respect, which as a frustrated computer user, was very considerate."
"Good job, everyone! The only thing that would have been cooler is some manner of stats on what was wrong with my drive in the first place or what was recovered and what was not. All in all, excellent job!"
"ESS did a great job and exceeded my expectations. I will certainly recommend ESS Data Recovery to anyone needing recovery service."
"So far, I haven't found any file that was not recovered. Thanks for your good work!"
"You guys absolutely ROCK!! Turn around time was super, updates provided as you processed the drive that failed and the return product was in great shape. Thank you for saving 3 years of data that I thought was destroyed."
"You guys are the best! When I thought I was over for my client's data you guys save the day in a big way ... fast and effective is what I describe the experience as! Thank you and I will be sending clients your way."
"The level of professionalism and communication I experienced with your company was second to none! My data was 100% retrieved and for that I am truly thankful. I am also a firm believer in better backups now, too. {chuckle}"
"Great job, all photos from my daughter's semester at sea were recovered. You've made her very happy! She was worried that all photos of a once in a lifetime experience had been lost."
"You were fast, efficient, and did an excellent job. I am really satisfied with the whole experience!"
"Thanks you performed a great service for me. I will use you again in the future if needed and recomend your service to others."
"Thank You GUYS!!!"
"I am stunned at the level of service I received. When the 1st company could not retrieve my data I really had little confidence anyone could. However, ESS took it, and in a week it was back in my posession. You are on my list of great vendors and while I hope I never have to use you again, its good to, its GREAT to know ESS is there. Thanks much for all the help."
"Your staff are very professional and helpful, and, of course, your service was tremendous. This was a first time I've ever had to do this, so it would have been a bit more helpful to have some more fundamental FAQs available for customers (like me) who aren't as tech savvy as others. That said, I had all the information I needed to authorize your work, which was fully successful! Thank you!"
"You did a great job recovering the data. Too bad only 5 of 6 partions were recovered but the most important files were recovered. You were very fast. Thank you."
"Thank you very much for your service and support. The customer service that I received throughout the process was second to none. Jessica Urbonas was extremely helpful and understanding. Thanks again for recovering everything that we asked for and more."
"I was very pleased with the service and I hope I never need it but I would use you again if the need arises."
"The recovery performed by ESS was for my sister's laptop hard drive which stored all her children's baby pictures from the time they were born. As you can imagine, these were priceless. ESS was able to recover 100% of the data on her hard drive and the price was lower than most other recovery companies. Thank you very much for bringing these priceless photos back!"
"Quick and high quality service"
"Excellent & super fast service. I would recommend you to others. Thanks"
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am very pleased with the service you rendered to me. I would never have been able to finish my novel without your help."
"Total recovery, I am very pleased."
"Excellent service, very helpful, reasonable prices"
"Excellent customer service. I was very impressed with the turnaround time and full recovery of my hard drive. I will recommend to my friends that have the same problem."
"Hi, the Staff was professional, very friendly, informative and FAST! Thank you, the service was excellent."
"I have all my files. I'm so thankful that all my geneology & pictures were retrieved. My family history was hours & hours of research work and very valuable to me & my family. It was expensive but worth every dollar."
"Thanks so much - you saved me a ton of re-work by recovering all of the needed data!"
"Very nice service. Quick responses to questions, online case lookup and most of all, full data recovery! Exceptional service. I hope to never use your service again, but if I do have another drive failure you will be my first and only choice for recovery. I would definitely recommend your service to others."
"Staff was very helpful with my questions. Was happy to have full recovery of my hard drive"
"I was referred to ESS after another data recovery company was unable to salvage the data on my hard drive. ESS took over the case and recovered my data at a fraction of any other competitor's estimated price. I would recommended this incredible company to anyone whose hard drive has betrayed them. There is no reason to spend more than twice as much money somewhere else. Their great value is only outdone by their incredible service. Thanks a lot."
"Truly excellent work - all my data was recovered!"
"I am very satisfied with the data recovery process. It was professionally handed and all my data from my 250 GB drive which was over 75% full was completely recovered. I had tried couple of other companies who were not able to recover the data. I can tell that you guys have much more expertise in data recovery. I hope that I would not have to go through the recovery process again but if I ever do or have a friend who is in need of recovery I know the first place I would recommend. Thank you very much"
"Great service. 100% retrieval of all files. We are thrilled."
"They recovered all my data from a badly damaged hard drive. Thanks!"
"I was impressed with the speed of your work and the courtesy of your staff. I would certainly use your service again (but hope I never need to) and would recommend you to others."
"When my hard drive crashed, my husband tried to take it apart to fix it, then whacked it a couple of times with his hand because something was rattling around inside. I was sure you wouldn't be able to recover anything after that, but you did! All my treasured photos, my videos, my Ebay seller files, even my bookmarks! I was also pleased that your price was lower than what I was quoted by other services. Thank you for your excellent service, I'm 100% satisfied."
"Thanks for the support. All data that I have accessed thus far has been complete. Well done. Great value too."
"I’m very happy to have my image files back and have no complaints. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of this type of assistance. As an amateur photographer there were files I unfortunately had not backed up to another source and they would have been permanently lost (digital camera images)."
"All of my data was recovered and your turnaround time was excellent. It was very affordable considering what I had to recover and compared to your competition. I would highly recommend your service to anyone looking to recover data."
"Everyone with whom I spoke was very professional and courteous. I hate I had this problem, but ESS Data Recovery did a fantastic job. I got back 100% of my data from the damaged disk."
"All data was recovered as promised. An overall good experience that I hope won't be needed again now that I have the portable hard drive to use for backups :-)"
"I can't believe what a great job you did recovering this data and in a very short amount of time. I am very pleased and have given your name to others that may require help in this area. Thank you again"
"All requested data was recovered and returned in a timely manner. Thank You."
"We were so stressed at the potential loss of our data and it's impact on our business. ESS provided us constant feedback during the recovery process and made us feel at ease. We received all our data back quickly allowing us to continue projects for our clients. We will recommend you highly! Thank you!"
"I am extremely pleased with your service. You recovered all of my relevant data. Your representatives were knowledgeable and always knew the status of my case. Thank you so much."
"Your recovery of my mp3's was a dream come true. I spent countless hours transferring my extensive vinyl collection to mp3. When my external hard drive crashed I almost died. But thanks to you everything was recovered. Since I got my music back I have done nothing but brag about your service, and I would highly recommend you time and time again for data recovery. Once again, thank you for a job well done. Sincerely, XXXXXXXXXXXX"
"You did a great job getting my data back!"
"Great communication. Recovered the whole drive. So far all the files I've worked with have been good. Thanks for getting back a lot of work. Back up! Back up! Back up!"
"Great service - courteous, efficient and we were able to use the same Snap Server."
"Thank-you very much for your thorough and expedited service... I should be able to successfully pass my law school finals now!"
"You run a great business. From the initial contact on the phone to the follow-up throughout the course of the recovery process, it was excellent. I was impressed at each phase. And the speed at which the data was returned for being a non-critical case is surprising. You really do value your clients."
"All the data was recovered and thanks very much! (I just wish the standard service was a little faster than 2 weeks)"
"Everyone was very helpful every step of the way. Recovery was accomplished as promised and described. (Actually, even better!)"
"I really appreciate that one hundred percent of my files were recovered."
"If there was anything good about my drive crashing it was finding ESS. Customer service was A+++++ from the first contact to the UPS man at my door a few days later. I hope that I never need your services again but if I do you will be my first call."
"I would highly recommend ESS Data Recovery to anyone. They provide professional and efficient service while keeping the customer 'in the loop' and at an affordable rate. I thought I had completely lost thousands of photos and was simply devastated. The customer service representatives were very knowledgeable and always reassuring. My questions were always answered in a timely manner either by e-mail or phone contact. A full recovery was made from my damaged hard drive! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to a service that is very much needed in this day of computer dependence."
"extremely satisfied as usual. Excellent job and quick turn around. My customer was very,very pleased"
"ESS is the best!!! I had some pic of my mom's photo albums, and she is now passed away, and I thought they were gone forever. I sent my hard drive to another data recovery place and they had no luck getting my data. So when I received my hard drive back from ESS and all my data (including mymoms pic)were there I was jumping up and down!! The cost was so worth not losing thet data. The customer service is the BEST everytime I called they always helped me out. Fast and friendly. I will recommend ESS to all my friends."
"Very timely standard service, excellent data recovery. Still a touch pricey."
"Dr. Lu was very happy with your recovery of his data and how quickly it was done."
"Recovery EXCELLENT"
"Very professional service with fair pricing excellent communication. Thank you."
"Very good service and responsive customer service staff. Case lookup option was also very helpful. Highly recommend!"
"I had called numerous companies that offered to find my data. Your people were open and honest and concerned about my problem. They carefully explained the steps and told me what was to be expected. You not only met my expectation but exceeded it."
"What fantastic service! From the drop off in Pleasanton on Monday to the pickup on Friday, I was kept informed on what was going on and the state of progress. The cost was acceptable, as I've heard horror stories about data recovery expenses! You really know your stuff, and I'll be referring people to you for sure!"
"Excellent work. As far as I can tell you have made a 100% recovery of all my data."
"I did not want to tell you this upfront, but I sent it to (company name deleted) and waited 4 weeks easily for them to tell me that they could not recovery the data. They would not return phone calls or update the online status. You guys got my disc last Friday and returned it in 5 days including weekend days."
"You and your staff are OUTSTANDING!!! All of my hopes were turned into reality when you recovered my entire hard drive. I thank Aero for recommending you and your abilities!!! Thank YOU all so very much!!!"
"Your service was fast and kept me informed on the progress of my case. Will use your service again if I encounter any future hard drive problems."
"A very smooth and fast process. Thank you very much for you service."
"data rec'd- excellent service- data all there-user is very happy. thanks!"
"We appreciate your partnership with the Corp Security unit. Thanks!"
"Your Company is very professional!!"
"WOW, thanks for doing such a good job."

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