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Our Process

Our process follows these well-documented stages...

A computer forensics consultant will be assigned to your case from your initial call. This person will then take the necessary steps to begin the process of developing an effective strategy for your case by approaching and implementing our available technologies and methods to suit your individual case.

Our computer forensic specialists are trained to identify where key evidence is most likely to be located on the computer hard drive (or other digital medium). This is often possible even when the files have been "deleted" or the medium has been "formatted". Files cannot be recovered once they are strictly "overwritten", but there are often fragments of the files or other clues that may contain relevant information to the case at hand, which, without computer forensics would be lost forever.

After the initial phone consultation, you will receive a detailed quote, outlining the cost of the proposed services. This proposal will be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Data Collection:
The data collection and documentation phase of our computer forensic/e-Discovery services begin once you send the digital media to our laboratory via FedEx overnight services. engineers can often determine whether computer evidence was tampered with, altered, damaged or removed. In many cases, dates of deletion or tampering can also be recovered or accurately estimated.

Depending on the requirements of our client, we can produce reports exhibiting our findings. Because every case has different requirements, the written report length and nature vary greatly.

Expert Testimony:
Once the computer forensic investigation is complete, our specialists can support your case by providing expert witness testimony.

Please call 1.800.237.4200, option #6 for more details.

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